7 tips to get that Bikini Body

7 tips to get that bikini body7 Top Tips to get that Bikini Body

1. Keep a food diary


You have probably heard this before but it really does work. Writing down what and when you eat will allow you to find out weaknesses in your diet, and times you are most likely to snack. Make sure you are honest to yourself and write down everything you eat.

2. Increase fiber intake

Foods high in dietary fibre make you feel fuller for longer than a highly processed foods. This  make it easier to control appetite. Furthermore, high fibre foods have a lower kilojoule content than low fiber foods because dietary fibre is undigetiable and passes straight through the digestive tract.

3. Avoid bloating foods

This varies from person to person but common bloating foods include pasta, breads, onions, legumes, soft drinks. This is a result of digestion problems in the large intestine resulting in water retention and gas formation.

4. Take a packed lunch to work

Taking a packed lunch to work will allow you to control the calories in your food. Having take out each day will not allow you to appropriately track your calories from fat, protein and carbohydrate accurately. Furthermore, you will be less likely to indulge in fast foods.

5. Avoid hydrating on sugary drinks and sodas

Not only do these cause bloating but they are filled with sugars or artificial sweeteners that are completely void of any of their original fruit nutrients. Hydrate with water instead. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime for a fruity taste.

6. Turn off the TV and find an active way to relax the mind

Tv is fine in small doses but you have a bad haabit if you find yourself coming home after work and sitting infront of the tv until bed time. Grab your headphones and radio and go out for a walk whilst listening to the local stations. Talk Back Radio have been more successful than just plain music because it allows your brain to engage in the conversations happenening on the radio and not focus on the task of walking. Time will go quick and you’ll enjoy the great outdoors while you are at it.

7.Fill up on protein rich meals

Protein has proven to have a higher satiety level after eating, therefore avoiding over eating. Another bonus is that protein requires more energy to digest. This is known as the thermic affect of feeding which really aids in losing weight and controlling appetite.