Benefits of Resistance Training

Benefits of Resistance training. View article as seen in Cosmetic Surgey & Beauty


So I want to get into shape for summer. Or really just look good for the first day at the beach! Should I be weights training?



Resistance training increases the number of calories your body burns, not only during your work out, but for hours afterwards.


What this means is that including resistance training in your exercise routine is a bit like investing in the future. So weight training burns calories now, but also continues to burn additional calories up to a couple of hours afterwards you have completed your work out.

The second major benefit to resistance training is that any additional muscle you add to your body, not only enhances the shape of your physique especially if it is in the right places but it also increases your base metabolic rate. This means you burn more calories all day everyday, even when you are sitting on the couch relaxing.


In conclusion the benefits of resistance training for the first beach day of summer are


1 increased calorie burn for the 2 hrs after completing your workout

2 increased base metabolic rate (BMR) so you burn more calories 24/7

3 enhancement of physique with a targeted program


Additional benefits of resistance training

4 strong bones

5 flexibility

6 Injury prevention.


Resistance training should be undertaken as part of a balanced approach to exercise and diet. Cardio vascular training should form a significant portion of your overall routine and be of varied intensities to gain the most benefit. Consult your local fitness professional for an overall approach to your exercise routine and your GP before undertaking any intense training program.