Boredom is your enemy

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When you’re exercising regularly it can be easy to get stuck in a fitness rut, especially if you’re repeating the same exercise routine each and every time. Outdoor boot camp group training can be a great way to both enhance, supplement and liven up your fitness regime.

Granted, not everyone likes instructions to be shouted at them by the likes of ‘The Commando’ from The Biggest Loser, but the added motivation of working out in a group environment can make exercise much more enjoyable.

As well as giving you a chance to socialise, an outdoor boot camp session can allow you to try some exciting new exercises that are more suited to open surrounds, such as boxing and body combat.

Another advantage of boot camps is that if your instructor is an attentive one, you should receive feedback on your actual exercise technique and not just your effort or performance levels.

This is particularly beneficial if your gym doesn’t provide technique correction as part of its membership package – attending a boot camp session once or twice a week will improve your exercise knowledge and teach you how to better apply the correct techniques in your regular fitness program. And, let’s face it, sharing the cost of a personal trainer with a group is a much more affordable option than paying for the session by yourself!

Before starting any kind of boot camp you should advise the trainer of any injuries or health issues you have. You should also ask whether the class caters for your particular fitness level. Speak to your GP before undertaking any exercise and check whether there are any specific types of activity you should avoid. Enjoy the great outdoors!