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Top three exercise to get a bicep peak in 6 weeks

Getting that bicep peak requires two things, hard work and the correct exercises. For a male, flexing your bicep can be seen as the ultimate form of male dominance. This alpha male trait is forever pursued by young males seeking to attract the opposite sex. These three exercises are chosen out of the huge library of bicep exercises because they provide the biggest pump, the greatest fatigue, and greatest efficiency.


Preacher Curls

You will need a preacher bench to perform this exercise. A preacher bench is a seat with a bench attached at 45 degrees. You place the back of your arms (triceps) on the pad of the bench. Grab the curl bar with shoulder width underhand grip. If you have access to an EZ Bar, the pump will be much greater.


The seat adjustment is important. When setting up you should allow the arm pit to rest near the top of the pad, without much upper back slouching. The upper arms are to remain pressed against the pad throughout the movement. Once the elbow lifts off the pad the deltoids are beginning to take part of the load, suggesting the weight is too heavy for your biceps. Futhermore, not going to full extension allows the biceps to stay in the pnunishing eccentric phase of the exercise for longer.


Raise the bar until your forearms are vertical. Lower the barbell until arms are almost fully extended. I have read many times that you are to fully extend the arms, however from years of personal experience I find that by going to a point just before full extension you can lift a slightly heavier weight. By going to full extension you will find it rather difficult to complete 8 repetitions and end up getting stuck at the bottom of the movement.




Cable Cross Over Curls

8 times Mr Olympia Champion swears by these, and he has the most impressive twin bicep peak in the business. You will need a cross over cable pulley system. Grasp handles from the top of the pulleys and stand in the middle. Staying centered will allow for perfect abdominal activation for strong body alignment. Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor and directly inline with the cables while performing a bicep curl on both arms. Concentrate on the mind-muscle connection and squeeze the biceps at the of the movement.

*Tip*  Don’t allow the muscles to relax at the end of the movement to maintain the eccentric contraction.




21s are a  punishing exercise that should only be performed at the end of your bicep workout. If you place them higher up in the exercise progression you will no doubt fatigue your muscles and won’t achieve maximum overload.

You will find that you have to drop your weights by half to finish this exercise. If you normall bicep curl 35kgs on a barbell, do your first session with 15-17.5kgs.


  1. Grasp a barbell loaded with 50% your 10 repetition maximum weight
  2. Your perform this movement whilst standing so it is important to keep the core tight and maintain a strong static posture.
  3. Curl the weights up just halfway. In other words, stop when your forearms are parallel to the floor, lower the weight and repeat to half way. This is called the bottom half of the bicep curl. Perform 7 of these.
  4. Now, perform the top-half of a bicep curl. Starting at halfway when your forearms are parallel to the floor, curl up to the shoulder, completing a normal full repetition and lower the bar back to halfway position. Perform 7 of these.
  5. Finally, perform 7 full bicep curls. Start with your arms fully extended down, and curl all the way up to your shoulders. When you have completed 7 of these, the total number of repetitions completed will be 21 – hence the name.


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