Kick Start your summer body

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With the winter solstice behind you and the promise of warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to come out of hibernation and re-energise your fitness regime.

Because, before you know it, summer will be here and it’ll be time to shed those bulky winter clothes.
If the prospect of revealing your body this summer doesn’t have you headed for the door, consider this: around four per cent of Australians suffer seasonal affective disorder during the winter months, brought about by the onset of cooler climes, and a much bigger number suffer the odd bout of the winter blues.

Exercise is a known remedy for depression, so commit to regular exercise during the last days of winter and look forward to feeling better.

To help motivate you into fitness, complete this check list and say hello to your summer body:

• Turn off your heating. To keep warm, get moving instead!

• Join the gym or sign up for another fitness activity or sporting group that is non-weather dependent.

• Book a holiday to a summer location to give you an end goal and to motivate you to train and eat healthily.

• Get organised! Planning your day can make you so much more efficient and will help you find time for exercise! You may even make time to cook a healthy lunch to take to work, rather than relying on the local fast-food store.

• Exercise in the morning before work. Research shows this kick starts your metabolism and morning work outsare rarely cancelled due to work or social commitments.

• Eat a healthy breakfast that is low in sugar.

• Keep evening carbohydrate intake moderate.

• Get yourself a strength training program that includes leg work and minimal rests between exercise.

• Include interval training in your cardiovascular workouts.

• Have a body composition analysis. This can be motivating and makes sure that the program you are is achieving results of body fat reduction and is not just focussed on losing overall body weight.