Paul Blackwood

Paul Blackwood – 17.5kgs lost in 7 months.

“After many years of enjoying good food and good wine, my GP and I had a discussion about my lifestyle. We agreed that for my future health and well being I needed to lose weight.

When I hit 98kg I had to agree with her. A friend, Tony Green who is a personal trainer, encouraged me to investigate the CSIRO high protein, low GI diet. I thought I would give it a try, as I had nothing to lose.  I will be forever in Tony’s debt for his advice and encouragement. Although I thought I was eating reasonably healthily, I was eating far too much of everything.  It has taught me about portion control and the advantages of well-balanced meals.

Also a huge help, encourager and guiding light in my weight loss and improved fitness levels is Russell Cox of Regenesis Fitness, who has been training me for about 4 years with 2 sessions a week. I have been a member of Regenesis Fitness for about 9 years and before I changed my lifestyle, although I felt good after training it did not make much difference to my weight or overall fitness level.  Once I embarked on the diet, Russell could ramp up the training intensity and he has been a great enabler to get the kilos off and improve my overall health and fitness. I am now at the gym 4 times a week and at Centennial Park walking twice a week

After 7 months I have lost 17.5 kilos and my fitness level has improved remarkably and I now find that my energy levels are much higher. Importantly, from a medical perspective, my cholesterol, liver function, sugar levels and blood pressure have all improved to a point that I thought I would never reach again.

So, in conclusion thanks to CSIRO, Russell and Tony’s initial encouragement I am on the way to a better future.”

5:2 Diet (intermittent fasting)


Intermittent fasting or more specifically practicing 2 non consecutive low calorie days per week are the major descriptors of the popular 5:2 diet. Continue reading 5:2 Diet (intermittent fasting)

Extended access – Hybrid Fitness Centres

What is a Hybrid Fitness business and why would I join one?

Simply put a hybrid fitness business is a combination of  the best of the “traditional fitness business model” and the “24 hour gym business model” that has seen enormous growth over the last 2 years in Australia.

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Continue reading Extended access – Hybrid Fitness Centres

Benefits of Resistance Training

Benefits of Resistance training. View article as seen in Cosmetic Surgey & Beauty


So I want to get into shape for summer. Or really just look good for the first day at the beach! Should I be weights training? Continue reading Benefits of Resistance Training

Kick Start your summer body

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With the winter solstice behind you and the promise of warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to come out of hibernation and re-energise your fitness regime. Continue reading Kick Start your summer body

How to get the most out of your gym membership?

1. Ask questions – find out exactly what your membership entitles you to.

Most fitness studios and gyms will sell discounted programs or personal training packages for new members. A small investment can see your efforts directed in the most effective ways to achieve the results you are looking for.  Continue reading How to get the most out of your gym membership?

Boredom is your enemy

View in PDF as seen in Bella Beauty Magazine

When you’re exercising regularly it can be easy to get stuck in a fitness rut, especially if you’re repeating the same exercise routine each and every time. Outdoor boot camp group training can be a great way to both enhance, supplement and liven up your fitness regime. Continue reading Boredom is your enemy

Look & Feel Younger!

Regenesis Fitness Director Russell Cox tells us how being active and healthy is the best Anti-Ageing Medicine.
View in PDF as seen in australian cosmetic surgery magazine

I believe that by far the best way to look younger is to get really fit. Think about it – it’s always the fit, strong and lean people whose age we underestimate, sometimes by as much as a decade. Continue reading Look & Feel Younger!

Toned and Terrific this Summer

View in PDF as seen in Bella Beauty Magazine

Want to flaunt a toned and terrific bod this summer? here are some exercise essentials to help get you started. By Jarrat wood

Some people train for health, some people train for performance and some people train for appearance. Vanity aside, training for appearance is a realistic option. Everyone has a body part that they wish was bigger or smaller. If you plan to train for appearance then remember some
important health and safety guidelines: Continue reading Toned and Terrific this Summer

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