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Membership to access the facilities can be purchased in 3 ways.

1. Pre Paid, by visit

This method is recommended for attendance rates of less than 1.5 visits on average per week. Visits can be purchased individually (known as a casual visit) or in packages such as a 10 visit pass, 25 visit pass or a 50 visit pass. The packages have expiry dates by which the visits expire. If renewed prior to the expiry date, remaining visits can be carried over to the new pass.

2. Pre Paid, by time period

This method, provides unlimited access for a predetermined period of time, from 3 months to 12 months. Membership must be renewed prior to the  expiry date for continued access. You will receive a reminder email offering a discount on the current rates to renew online as well as a text message a couple of days before expiry.

3. By subscription            (view subscription options)

Subsrciption or billing style memberships are agreements for access to the facilities on an ongoing basis. These subscriptions run for an unlimited time period and are billed on a weekly basis. 7 days notice is required to cancel after  the minimum time period is complete. These memberships are the most flexible and economical, but require the client to manage the payments, suspension and cancellation directly with our billing company by telephone 1800148848. Non use of facilities is not grounds for refund. We are able to extend excellent value with these memberships as most clients stay training with us well beyond the minimum term of their contract. Suprisingly to some these memberships are less expensive than prepaid.

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