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Robin Hutcheon (88yrs)
Thanks for all the healthy hours I have spent at Regenesis and for your great team of trainers which I am sure have helped give me a new lease of life.

This is a great gym – friendly professional staff with a relaxed atmosphere offering a wide range of equipment resulting in the gym feeling uncrowded.

Extremely helpful and supportive staff, friendly atmosphere in the gym without the normal intimidating feelings you get in some, happy to recommend

I’m so glad that a gym like Regenesis still exists in this day and age. After having grown sick and tired of over-crowded, noisy gyms, where the staff just see you as another number, it’s refreshing to find a gym like this. The gym has everything you need, and nothing you don’t, and all the equipment is always maintained in perfect order, as the owner (Russel) is always onsite working out himself or helping clients. There is always a spare treadmill free or work out bench, and plenty of free weights and machines to cover all muscle groups. It’s the perfect gym if you want to work out at your own pace, but with support there if you need it.

As far as equipment is concerned, most gyms are more or less the same. Some have newer gear and some older, some shinier and some less so; some have bad music and some even worse, and some are a bit cheaper and some not. These are not the differences that count. What counts is the people – the staff. Over the last six years, during which I have had my musculoskeletal ups and downs, Erica and then Russell have pulled me through the lows and lifted me over the highs; they have trained me and rehabilitated me, and they have taken the trouble and care to understand what I need for my health. It’s easy to find shiny gyms but its hard to find people like Russell and his team at Regenesis.

I visited Sydney from October to December 2016. I trained at Regenesis about 5-6 times a week. The gym is clean. There is a wide variety of machines, free weights and aerobic equipment. The gym is well-laid out, providing plenty of space to work out even in the peak times. The gym has a friendly, laid back vibe. Members are all ages. Russell, the owner, is around quite a bit training clients. He is always willing to help anyone on the floor. The trainers are also knowledgeable, skilled and helpful to everyone. I highly recommend Regenesis for any training program or workout philosophy that you have.

I’ve been to Regenesis gym for 6 months now and it’s great. My trainer is Annie who’s great but I’ve also had sessions with Russel. They are always willing to help. The thing I like most about it is that it never gets too busy so you can just get on with whatever you’re there for. No one takes themselves too seriously so the atmosphere is super relaxed. That’s the kind of place I want to work out in.

Whats fantastic about Regenesis is that you are always greeted with a warm, friendly, welcoming vibe . Great location and really well set up for personal training or to run your own training program.

I have been a member at Regenesis for a number of years. Its a great gym, very friendly staff who are always on hand to help and not overcrowded. The personal trainers/staff are very informative and take a holistic view with regard to a clients fitness.

Love this little gym! It’s a relaxed, attitude-free atmosphere and most of the regulars are on a first-name basis. There are all sorts working out here; the staff are friendly and supportive and there are never any queues for equipment. Regenesis Fitness is a great place to work out and spend some time!
Bee Sharp

I’ve been a member of Regenesis for coming up to 12 months and I love it. Dealing with a family owned and operated business really makes a huge difference. Russell and Erica (and all of their team) are great motivators and work hard to make you feel welcome; they make you feel like you belong in their gym. Their approach well and truly exceeded my expectations and I am made to feel like part of the Regenesis family without judgement or comparison every day. A week or two after joining up, I had not actually yet been into the gym yet. Russell called me to encourage me to go the next day. You don’t get that sort of personal attention anywhere else. The staff all make a point of knowing your name, they chat to you about your goals and progress – it is very encouraging and really helps me to maintain motivation! I can’t recommend Regenesis and the team enough – they have helped me to change my life. I have lost almost 40kg in six months (and still counting). TOP WORK GUYS!!! :)• • •


Thanks a lot Russell. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys. Perhaps I’ll be back soon! Have a great weekend mate.



It may surprise you to know that I’ve been to gyms before! Regenesis is definately the best gym I have ever been involved with! I have found all the staff to be friendly, helpful and encouraging. The other members seem pretty down to earth and non – judgemental. You have more than adequate quantities of fancy equipment and heavy weights. The showers have fabulous water pressure! At Regenesis I feel comfortable in a way that rarely happens when I’m involved in physical activity or in the presence of fitness related paraphernalia.

Regenesis is a fantastic small, friendly gym. It is never overcrowded and has all the equipment you need. The personal trainers are excellent, they will check your technique to make sure you are exercising correctly and will push you much harder than what you can do by yourself. They can also train for many different fitness goals. My running and overall fitness has improved greatly over the last 2 years.

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I’ve been a member of Regenesis for about 2 years now. Its really well equiped, I never have to queue and I love there is a real sense of community – the staff know you by name and definitely help to keep me motivated. Its friendlier and more relaxed than any gym I’ve used before.

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As the Exercise Physiologist at Regenesis Fitness I am so proud to be working with such a caring and professional team. All my clients tell me, there is no other gym that’s made them feel so comfortable and confident with their exercises. It’s fantastic to know that no matter the age or ability of my client, the Regenisis Fitness community will welcome them with open arms. Thanks!

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I have been attending Regenesis fitness for over 5 years. I enjoy the low key atmosphere and loft style environment while training. Russell and Erica offer a friendly, confident and knowledgeable service to their members and help motivate me through my daily 60 minute session. Regenesis fitness has a relaxed community feel and I never have to queue to use the equipment. Also I prefer supporting an independent operation where members know the owners and staff. – Jenny Vidler – 33yrs, Double Bay.

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I have been a member of Regenesis for a decade now: that’s much longer than I’ve been involved with any other gym ever. I really appreciate the team’s no-nonsense approach to health and fitness, as well as the friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff and the equipment that is properly maintained and always available. With all this, keeping motivated is easy and fun, and I’m looking forward to the next ten years! Jacquie

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As well as having friendly, highly trained staff, excellent personal service and a holistic approach to your fitness and well-being, Regenesis Fitness has more of a club than business or fitness factory feel. This helps me enormously in keeping my motivation to exercise. And thanks to the team there for looking after me so well for the last three years, and for many more to come I’m sure!

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I have joined Regenesis about six weeks ago after twenty years of not working out at all. I have lost four kilos and have more energy than ever. The trainers are very helpful and friendly and the atmosphere is very non-threatening to someone who is new to the whole gym-thingy.

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