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7 reasons to hire a Regenesis Personal Trainer Regenesis trainers deliver training that is motivating, science based and structured to ensure progression towards your goals. To provide safe exercise, appropriate to age, fitness levels, health and medical conditions is our mission.

Personal Training at Regenesis Fitness in Edgecliff is lead by club owner Russell Cox and Jarrat Wood of Longevity Personal Training. Russell has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and is on premises weekday mornings, conducting training sessions for his loyal clientele. Together Russell and Jarrat have over 35 years combined experience in fitness training and sport, so  you know you will be in safe hands training at Regenesis Fitness in Edgecliff.

Personal Training sessions are booked in 1 hour time slots and the cost is $110 for gym members. Non members  pay an entry fee for the facility and sessions with Principal trainers Russell Cox and Jarrat Wood are $145.

Training sessions are designed to achieve your goals and improve your health and quality of life, taking into consideration postural weaknesses,  injury prevention and rehabilitation. Efficient programming is vital in achieving results for clients with busy schedules.

Fitness Programs, for you to follow under your own supervision can be developed and documented in  a 1 hour consultation and instruction session. These advanced, sport specific, split and injury rehabilitation programs are tailored for the individual and  the cost is $110

We recommend updating your program every 8 weeks to maximise the results achieved.

Staff Qualifications

Regenesis Fitness Personal Trainer Eastern Suburbs ROsebayRegenesis Personal Trainers are qualified to a minimum of level 4 in Fitness. Level 4 trainers are mentored by one of our Principal Trainers who hold Bachelors of Science, Human Movement Studies, or Exercise Physiology.

Tertiary Qualified Exercise Professionals,

have an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  As a  result they can develop programs that consider injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as any pre-existing medical conditions.

Regenesis Fitness Edgecliff personal gym

Training sessions designed by tertiary qualified trainers will focus on correct technique and providing support and positive reinforcement to assist you achieving your goals.  Additional consideration is given to postural issues and delivering outcomes in addition to your main fitness goals such as pain minimisation, falls prevention and promoting general well being.

Well being, longevity, health, Body Maintenance and Personal Training.

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