How to get the most out of your gym membership?

1. Ask questions – find out exactly what your membership entitles you to.

Most fitness studios and gyms will sell discounted programs or personal training packages for new members. A small investment can see your efforts directed in the most effective ways to achieve the results you are looking for. 

Changing your program regularly also contributes to maximising the long term results from your efforts in the gym. It has been proven that after 6 -8 weeks of following the same exercise program the results to effort ratio starts to decline.

2. Join the clubs Social Media page. This is most likely a Facebook page. Simply by searching for the club by name or following the link included in our welcome  letter and then clicking the like button on the landing page, you will automatically receive notifications of anything the Club is offering. Free nutrition seminars, Personal Training specials, memberhsip renewal specials and even every time a new blog article is posted on the gyms website. Other useful information such as public holiday trading times and special offers from local business partners will also appear in your Facebook news feed.

3. Take a couple of Personal Training sessions with one of the gyms staff.  I would strongly recommend selecting a staff member that you often see supervising the gym when you are in training at your regular times  The reason for this is that, whilst personal training itself can be expensive in regard to the hourly rate, if you do a half hour or 45min session with a trainer who also works gym shifts (as an employee of the facility) you can expand the value of your $55 or $75 a week spend, quite significantly.

Here’s how it works – book a session for once a week (or even just a once off for a new program) with the trainer you often see. Then make sure you are coming in to train “by yourself” at times when this trainer is supervising the gym. By doing this you develop greater rapport with the trainer and you can ask questions about the program he/she has set you.  It is human nature for your trainer to come and help you if you are getting something wrong as they really do want you to succeed and I promise will much prefer to be giving you tips than cleaning equipment and completing other tasks. You will most likely find they gravitate to you and give more attention to you than other members on the gym floor – once again human nature as they already have a relationship with you, as well as good business as you might want to book another session with them.

So suddenly your one PT session becomes 1PT session plus 2 other semi supervised sessions, with a few extra tips, technique corrections and hopefully some encouragement thrown in. The occasional $50 – $75 for all of this, does represent much greater value and will ensure you progress towards your long term fitness goals much quicker.

4. Refer a friend – training with a friend is a great way to get the most value out of a membership. You use the facilities more, you can get your boring cardio done whilst catching up with your mate and often you’ll get a kick back from the club for bringing a new client, if not at least when renewing your membership do it together and offer to pre pay together and you will certainly be looked after if not in a price reduction, then certainly with some extra time on the memberships, or perhaps even some free Personal Training

5. Leave your ipod at home! – seriously, this is a great way to meet people. Be friendly say hello, and introduce yourself. The gyms staff should also introduce you to other members that train at the same time as you and if your in between sets, jump off the equipment so someone else can use it

6. Turn up – no matter how good the gym is, how knowledgeable and helpful the staff, get in a routine of training days and stick to it. Result are most dependant on adherence, so keep it up and you will feel better, be more decisive and be a happier team members at work and family member at home.