Regenesis Fitness Personal Trainer Edgecliff and Woollahra and Rosebay

Russell Cox (Director) – B.A Human Movement Studies. Dip Ed. Physical Education

Russell has 20 yrs experience in the fitness industry.  His specialty is 1 on 1 training for maintenance of correct posture, health and well-being. Catering to a number of local professionals Russell will manage your workout throughout the gym with a minimum of fuss, attention to technique and  posture, whist interacting and educating you on how to best make exercise a part of your weekly routine and the specific benefits of the different activities.

Jarrat Wood (Longevity Personal Training) B.A Exercise Physiology.

Having a history in sports management and coaching in a team environment,  Jarrat brings a wealth of knowledge and Personal Training experience to his role  at Regenesis. Jarrat prides himself on his professionalism and sets a high standards for all the trainers at Regenesis.






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