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Getting Started is easy. 

  1. Register for a trial, by completing the above form.
  2. Read my email or the automated one you’ll receive at 8pm         and reply, to book your first visit during the staffed hours

I’ll talk you through the rest, such as making arrangements if you can’t come in when we are staffed, but in the mean time, if you’d like to check out the membership options use the join now tab at the top right of this page.

I’m available via email and telephone so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Why should you train at Regenesis Fitness?

Regenesis Fitness is a family owned and operated,  gym and personal training studio, that gives you access to excellent personal trainers and an exercise physiologist by appointment.

You can also train under your own supervision, with either a program deigned by yourself or one of our personal trainers. We also have some themed small group training sessions of maximum 5 participants, that are available to both members and non members alike.

Regenesis Fitness has been operating in the Woollahra municipality for over 20 years. Initially located in Cross Street, Double Bay, Regenesis Fitness now resides in the old Edgecliff post office (the Malcom Turnbull Building) on the corner of Edgecliff Road and Ocean Street in Edgecliff.

Regenesis Fitness is different to other gyms because our owner Russell Cox is passionate about helping all of our members “live their lives well” by improving their health, quality of life and longevity, through regular efficient training.

Russell runs his own personal training business from the club weekday mornings from 6am through till 2pm and is always available to meet with potential members by appointment.

Read Russell’s Story

1. No Fitness or “Health” Hype

We don’t subscribe to, or promote main stream fitness industry or “health” fads or trends. We stick to the scientifically proven basics that will help our members achieve greater health,  well being and success in their work and everyday lives.

2. Our Staff

The majority of our personal trainers, hold Bachelors Degrees. They are motivated, intelligent individuals with your health and well being as their first priority.

3. Easy to access equipment

Its never too busy, which eliminates waiting for treadmills, bikes and cross trainers. Resistance training etiquette requires users to “work in” with each other and not hold up equipment whilst they are resting between sets.

4. Atmosphere

Regenesis is larger than it looks from the outside and has great natural light. The open plan layout is uncluttered and there is plenty of room for stretching and  floor activities as well as traditional and functional strength training. The cardiovascular training area has over 20 stations, so there is little to no waiting .

5. Our Members

Regenesis members come from a large cross section of our local community and are well mannered, friendly people who are happy to share their gym and a chat if you have time.

Well being, longevity, health, Body Maintenance and Personal Training.

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