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Personal Training

Using a variety of equipment and space available, our trainers provide a wide range of activities designed to be challenging, in line with achieving your goals and appropriate for your medical history and training experience.

To facilitate recovery and prevent injury we stretch our clients at the beginning and end of each session. Postural weaknesses are addressed by providing an appropriate balance in the exercises we select for you.

Whatever the mode of training you decide on, our trainers work with you to facilitate an efficient, enjoyable and  uninterrupted training session.

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Personal Training

(1 on 1)

Our trainers  deliver sessions that consider your medical history, training experience, fitness goals and work life balance. In each session you will work towards improving your fitness and strength and reducing factors associated with future health risks. You will feel great after every work out, with improved posture and mobility and a sense of achievement. Sessions are booked in 1hr time slots. The cost is $110. Directors sessions are $130.


(semi-private training)

Semi Private training involves training sessions of up to 5 participants in a class setting. We offer - Posture, Core and Strecthing  classes. The cost is $25 per session and bookings are essential

 Program Design

Our trainers will design a plan for you to follow that is appropriate for you to complete without supervision. This is perfect for those with limited budgets for their fitness, but who want to be sure they are exercising safely and efficiently to achieve their goals. Bookings are made on a per session basis. The cost is $110 and we recommend upgrading your program every 8 weeks for maximum training benefit