Terms & Conditions

As with any shared space, the ability of each individual to consider other users and abide by the etiquette and rules that govern the space are crucial to the overall enjoyment and harmony experienced by all.

By taking out membership and joining the Regenesis Fitness community you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.


Facility Rules

  • Consumption and/or Possession of alcohol/illegal substances on the premises is prohibited
  • No training under the influence of banned substances or alcohol.
  • You agree to use equipment in the manner it was designed for
  • You agree NOT to use the Bench Press when there is no staff present - yellow Equipment Safety sign is displayed.
  •  Treadmills – use of the safety clip on treadmills is strongly recommended
  • When using the PTS Squat machine, range of motion limiters must be used for safety reasons
  • You must bring and use a towel whilst on equipment and wipe down before leaving equipment.
  • Report any safety issues/damaged or broken equipment, by emailing the club (info@regenesisfitness.com.au) or calling 02 93630376.
  • Put weights / benches /mats/ balls back where they belong.
  • Appropriate footwear (closed shoes) & clothing must be worn at all times
  • You may change the T.V channels by remote ONLY. Middle TV is FOTEL ONLY - do not change the source.
  • Respect other members whilst training.
  • Avoid verbal or physical confrontation.
  • No children may be brought into the gym at any time.


  • Regenesis Fitness respects you privacy and will never sell or pass on your email address to a third party.
  • Regenesis Fitness will contact you via automated email to notify you of membership expiry, promotional offers, non attendance and other matters both whilst your membership is current and after it has expired.
  • To unsubscribe to email notifications simply reply unsubscribe to the notification email.

Health and Safety

  • Completing a Pre Exercise / Health Check Questionnaire is required prior to using the facilities. Medical checks are mandatory if, at our sole discretion, warranted.  We reserve the right to prohibit certain training if, in our opinion, it is not advisable.
  • At all times you will accept the DIRECTION of the Regenesis Fitness Staff regarding the use of gym equipment, your exertion levels and in matters pertaining to your personal safety whilst on the premises.
  • If the gym is unattended use the panic pendants, the fixed panic buttons in the bathrooms or the security system panel on the wall next to the vending machine. Call 93630376 - this number will divert to a mobile and is monitored during the gyms accessible hours.


Fob Access Token Entry:

  •  Purchase of Fob access token ($40) is required for all memberships.
  • This is a non refundable purchase
  •  Fob access tokens are only to be used by the authorised holder
  • Scan your FOB access token at front door to gain access whether the guest door is open or closed.
  • If you lose your Fob you will need to purchase a replacement Fob ($40)   
  • You must enter individually and  close the door behind you
  • Your image will be captured by security cameras upon entry and compared against that on your file.
  • You are not allowed to open the door for any persons outside of the club                                                                                           

Credit Card Details

We require a credit card authority to be provided for security.  Card details are kept offline and secured in our office. They are for the express purpose of covering  for loss, damage or processing a penalty fee for allowing un-authorised persons into the facility either in person or with the use of your Fob access token.

  •  A penalty fee of $50 is charged per entry breach
  • Members are not to permitted to bring their children or family into the club after hours unless they are a member (ie have purchased a FOB and completed the associated documents)


Panic Pendants

  • Are available to use after staffed hours
  •  Only press the button in emergencies
  •  As a result of you pressing the button a mobile security officer will respond to the alarm.
  • Unnecessary use of the pendant may result in a call out fee being charged to your account.


Suspension of membership

  • Prepaid memberships have fixed amounts of suspension available –see below under Prepaid memberships for details.
  • Billing memberships suspension is not limited and reduces your weekly fee to $5 per week - see below under 


Prepaid Memberships

  • Please be aware of suspension and expiry date/s. Restricted access will be enforced if membership has expired.
  • Email notification is provided and online payment available so please update your email to avoid inconvenience
  • Suspension– Requests must be made prior to the ‘suspension’ dates in writing to info@regenesisfitness.com.au , limited to 4 weeks per year & 2 weeks per 6 months. Memberships less than 6 months cannot be suspended. If you use the facilities during your ‘suspension’, membership will automatically be reinstated.


Billing Memberships

  • Are ongoing binding agreements that automatically continue after the minimum term
  • Non use is not grounds for refund
  • Once the minimum term is completed, contracts can be cancelled with seven (7) days notice.
  • Dishonor charges ($10/event) generated from incorrect details, lack of funds or a cancelled card will be the members responsibility.
  • 1st payment attempt rejected – gym entry permitted

  • 2nd payment attempt rejected – gym entry denied
  • Cancellation & suspension of billing memberships must be made direct to Debitsuccess during office hours.    Ph:   1800 148 848 
  • Suspension of membership reduces the weekly cost to $5, is available in minimum blocks of two (2) weeks and extends the minimum term by the duration of the suspension.


Multiple visit passes

  •  No access once visit status is at nil. Email reminders are sent with 1 visit remaining and then again 0 visits remaining.
  • Pay now link in your reminder email, will allow online payment by credit card and new visits will be added without you attending the club.



  • Memberhsip is not refundable. 
  • membership is transferable.
  • Access will be denied should you be un-financial. 
  • NO CREDIT will be extended.
  • For contracts of three (3) months or more, a seven (7) day cooling-off period applies, commencing the date the contract is signed. During the (7) day cooling off period, you may terminate the contract in person by appointment with management. Regenesis Fitness will charge an admin fee of $50 in addition to $25 per visit (casual rate) for visits already provided.
  •  Financial arrears for billing memberships must be paid directly to debit success 1800148848 or www.debitsuccess.com.au using the green PAY NOW tab at the top right of the home page. There is an option to record new details for future debits.

 Medical Incapacity to continue

  •  In the event of your permanent incapacity (supported by medical certificate) remaining membership may be refunded.
  • In the event of your temporary incapacity (supported by medical certificate), remaining membership may be deferred. 

Duty of care

Regenesis Fitness members understand and agree that, although the staff and proprietors of Regenesis Fitness will endeavour to take all care, no responsibility or liability will be accepted for any loss damage illness injury no matter how when or where arising.