Benefits of Resistance Training

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So you want to get into shape – maybe it’s part of your New Year’s resolution or maybe you just want to look your best for the beach and pool season. Whatever your reasons, you should be thinking about incorporating weight training into your workouts. Strength training uses resistance in the form of weights or even your own body weight to strengthen and condition the musculoskeletal system, improving muscle tone and endurance. It’s also been shown to improve mental clarity and psychological health.  First and foremost, resistance training increases the number of calories your body burns, not only during your workout, but for a period of time afterwards. Including weights training in your exercise routine is a bit like investing in the future. The benefits of increased calorie burning due to exercise extend way beyond the period of time you spend exercising, with your metabolism being elevated for a couple of hours after your workout. This means you burn more calories all day, every day, even when you’re sitting on the couch relaxing. And a boosted metabolism can lead to reduced overall body fat.  

The second major benefit to resistance training is that you can target specific muscle groups to enhance the shape of your overall physique. Precise controlled movements build muscle in those areas targeted by your program. When programming is done well, overall body shape can be be changed effectively over time.

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Resistance training should be undertaken as part of a balanced approach to exercise and diet. Cardio vascular training should form a significant portion of your overall routine and be of varied intensities to gain the most benefit. Consult your local fitness professional for an overall approach to your exercise routine and your GP before undertaking any intense training program.